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Daemon Muses: Muses and their inner spirits
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In early modern English superstition, a familiar spirit, imp, or familiar (from Middle English familiar, related to family) is an animal-shaped spirit who serves for witchery, a demon, or other magician-related subjects. Familiars were imagined to serve their owners as domestic servants, farmhands, spies, and companions, in addition to helping bewitch enemies. These spirits were also said to inspire artists and writers (compare Muse).

Familiars are considered an identifying characteristic of early modern English witchcraft, and serve as one feature setting it apart from continental or New World witchcrafts.
- Wikipedia.

A dæmon (pronounced like "demon", but is unrelated) is a manifestation of a person's soul in the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials. In those universes with physical dæmons, they exist external to the human in the form of animals representative of the person's personality, although children's dæmons may change form at whim.
- Wikipedia.

daemonmuses is a place for characters from all worlds to get in touch with their inner daemon. Have you ever wondered how the Winchester boys would deal with daemons? How superheroes keep their daemons and their identity a secret? This is a community dedicated to exploring these thoughts. Here, we fully accept you and your daemon-your inner animal spirit. Are you ready to cross worlds, to dare Dust and discover who you really are?

This is a writing community in the style of justprompts, c_masterminds, and muse_pens specifically dealing with muses and their relationships to their daemons, inner spirits, and/or familiars. As of August, 2011, prompts are posted once a week and responses are linked to the prompt post in the community. Acceptable responses include roleplay logs, artwork, journal entries, the works. Fun and open community for people who have always wondered what it would be like to set certain stories in the world of The Golden Compass and/or have their own little Jiminy Cricket follow them around.

Characters from fandom are welcome here, as are original characters, but please, no real-person muses. Thank you.

The concept of daemons is copyright to Phillip Pullman. We're just fans who happen to enjoy his books and his movie. The concept of familiars is age old, beginning with witches and ending with modern era. We're just fans.

Works produced within using fan characters are copyright to Their respective owners. Please see individual journals for more information. Works involving original characters either written for a fandom or for general conception are copywrite their respective owners. No profit is being made from any of this, direct all inquiries to acts_of_gord at livejournal dot com.
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